El Niño, Downtown Los Angeles 1966 - age 3.

El Niño, Downtown Los Angeles 1966 - age 3.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So Long Norms Coffee Shop - SG Valley

Norms, San Gabriel Valley - November 2009

Paradox of "We Never Close" is now closed

War of the Worlds in the parking lot.

Parking for Norms patrons and Aliens only

NO, it can not be

Norm Roybark, a Los Angeles native with a vision of great food, great service and great value, opened the first Norms Coffee Shop in 1949 on the corner of Sunset and Vine. More importantly, Mr. Roybark operated his coffee shops by the slogan of “We Never Close”, very comforting for Angelenos who would crave steak and eggs at 2am after all the bars would shut down. Operating 24/7 also pacified the East Coast transplants who consistently complained that they could never find a place to eat after midnight in the city of Los Angeles. There are trains, planes and buses that leave Los Angeles every day and don’t let the door hit you is what I would say to them.

Today the Roybark family still owns and operates 17 Norms Coffee Shops in Southern California . So Long Norms Coffee Shop in the SGV and thanks for 38 years of late night dining, even though I only patronized this location once or twice in my life.

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