El Niño, Downtown Los Angeles 1966 - age 3.

El Niño, Downtown Los Angeles 1966 - age 3.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get out and Vote today.

Martin Sheen and Danny Glover have both left me pre-recorded messages on my answering machine regarding where they stand on certain ballot measures, my mailbox is overflowing with glossy campaign ads that litter the common hallways of my apartment complex and since I have been watching more television these days with the World Series and College Football, my flat screen has been bleeding with campaign ads from Whitman, Brown, Boxer and Fiorina. I have been voting since 1984 and I doubt that there has ever been a candidate that has not lied, raised taxes, raised DMV fees, cut jobs, cut school budgets, taken campaign contributions from special interest groups, hired an illegal immigrant or two, ostracised the poor and the middle class, covered up a scandal, etc..etc..etc.. In 2003 California voters recalled the Governor and brought in The Terminator and here we are in 2010. When it comes to voting, I try and educate myself to the best of my ability with the candidates and measures, try not to get distracted and vote for content. When it comes to politicians and ballot measures, they are truly “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”. - Forrest Gump

See you at the Polls.

(Disclaimer, An Elephant in a California convertible does not affiliate me with any political party.)

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